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  • Name: EMAL Slim Cylinder of Aluminium Alloy
  • Time: 2015-07-22
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▲The aluminum barrel type is much cheaper than the stainless steel barrel type.
▲All parts are pre-lubricated during assembly and the TEFLON material bushing Is used, Iubrication Is not required
▲High Temperature type cylinder is aplional. The special seals uiton will ba adopted to 6e suitable up to 150°C.
▲A complete range of accessories is available to meet all kind of demand
▲All cylinders can be supplied as standard with magnetic pistons. The magnetic cylinder Is option for using  with switch sensors.

▲For order of tha standard double acting LB fixed pattern aluminium alloy slim cylinder which the inner diameter is 20mm , the stroke is 50mm , the magnetic ring is attached to the rid pattern Is singe clevis type, the correct order cod. Is :EMAL-20x50-S-LB

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