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  • Name: ESAD/ESAC
  • Time: 2016-01-10
  • Views : 90


1.Excellent and stable deceleration and shock absorbing.lf it is impacted by load,the resistance will adjust automatically.
2.Outer body of integrated structure is treated by QPQ,which has optimum corrosion and wear resistance and can withstand high pressure.lt is easy to install and adjust for all threaded outer body which has good heat dissipation.
3.With high hardness stainless steel shaft,the shock absorber has better impact and corrosion resistance,and it can work under adverse conditions.
4.Special oiling process leads to stable shock absorbing.
5.Compact structure and high max. absorbed energy.
6.We use special lubricants as buffer medium,which adapts to wide temperature range and ensures stable cushioning.

For order of the self compensation type shock absorber which the body male thread is 8 mm ,the stroke is 6mm,without cap,the correct order code is: ESAC0806一N



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