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  • Name: EHDZ Series Parallel guide Air Gripper
  • Time: 2015-07-29
  • Views : 119

1、Integrated design of linear guide rail,high rigidity and high precision
2、Tube of cylinder is hard oxidated,with resisting grind,corrosion and long working life;
3、Many mounting mode is available to different usage;
4、ALL cylinders can be supplied as standard with magnetic pistons.The
magnetic  cylinder is option for using with switch sensors
5、High temperature type cylinder is optional.the special seals uiton will be adopted to be suitable up to 150℃

▲For order of the guide rail parallel finger cylinder which the inner diameter is 20mm,have two megnetlc rings Is attached to,side mount,the correct order code is:EHDZ-20-S-2-B


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