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  • Name: EMALJ Slim Cylinder of Aluminium Alloy(Adjustable stroke Type)
  • Time: 2015-07-29
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▲The aluminum barrel type is much cheaper than the atalnless steal barrel type.
▲All parts are pre-lubricated during assembly and the TEFLON material bushing Is used, lubrication Is not required
▲HighTemperaturetypecylinderis optional. The special seals uiton will be adopladto besuitable upto 150℃.
▲Acomplete range of accessories is availableto maetall kind of demand
▲All cylinders can be supplied as standard with magnetic pistons. The magnetic cylinder Is option for using with switch sensors.

▲For order of the adjustable stroke LB fixed pattern aluminium alloy slim cylinder which the inner diameter is 20mm,the stroke is 75mm,adjustable stroke25mm,the magnetic ring is attached to ,the rid pattern is singe clevis type,the correct order code is:EMALJ - 20 x75 - 25 -S - LB

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